Thursday, October 11, 2012

What??!! My book hasn't sold a million copies yet?

Life today is in the fast lane. 

Like you didn't know that already.

But, even though it's fast, it's also disappointing.  Our level of expectation is so high now.  We want instant success, with a couple of clicks of our mouse.  We want viral success with a few reviews that spin our name out of control until it's flying away into the Internet universe.  We want our name widely known, our book covers seen on train rides home, and huge next book deals discussed over turkey and mashed pototoes at Thanksgiving. 

All of this is not happening for me.  Not yet.

Let's face it. I'm a realist.  I'm a worker bee. I keep my nose to the grind stone and wondering when I can come up for air.  My expectations are low.  Just like Confuscious said" High expectations means planned disappointment."  I'm going with Confuscious on this one.

So I keep writing cause it's in my damn head.  And I'll keep searching out for reviews and reading up on my new hobby, emarketing books.  I'm becoming a person I'd never thought I'd be. 

And that's ok.  The real work will be  resisting to check my sales page on three times a day.

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