Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paranormal Activity

The other night my husband and I were up late watching a movie.  It had been one of those nights when you announce that everyone needs to head upstairs for bed time and all of a sudden my kids go from tired little beings to explosive volcanoes of energy. 

After much repeating of the nightly mantra (take vitamins, brush your teeth, get in your pajamas), everyone finally settled down and went to bed.  Finally.  Or so we thought.

So we are watching this movie when all of a sudden my husband and I hear this scurrying upstairs.  It was the sound of little being running through the hallway.  A little being that was not suppose to be up late at night.  My husband and I look at each other and he declares "Seriously?  It's 11pm and Carter (our youngest) is still up?" 

"Do you think it's a racoon?" I ask.  As I said it, I realized it couldn't had been raccoons on the roof since the sound literally came right through the ceiling above us.

With a huff, hubby goes upstairs ready to do some serious parental yelling.  I hear nothing though. Hubby comes back down.  "So Carter was running around?  Is he in bed now?" I asked as he sat down in his chair.

"Nope. Carter was asleep," Matt declares.

"What was the running noise? That couldn't have been a raccoon.  The noise was upstairs, not on the roof,"  I said.

"No it wasn't an animal," said hubby.  "I don't know what it was." 

And then we sat and stared at each other.  And then we turn to look at the TV.  And hubby precisely pressed PLAY as we sat in utter silence but both of us completely understanding what it could had been.  That it wasn't our five year old running, or an animal scurrying across our roof.  It was something else.

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