Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kids off to school!

Wow, for the first time I am coming home from dropping off my kids at school to a quiet house.

Like weird quiet. 

I'm looking around the disarray in the house from the first day - lunch stuff still on counter, pajamas on the floor, breakfast dishes still on table.  My brain is buzzing from the excitement of the quiet hours ahead of me, yet I'm a little dazed by the whole experience.  I cried today as my youngest, a kindergartener, walked off into the building all by himself.  He was so confident trudging off with his Spider man backpack on that is almost the size of his entire body.  And there I stood whipping on my sunglasses as fast as I could as I felt the tears coming down my cheeks.  I didn't want the other moms to see my embarrassment that I just lost it and was weeping from the sight of my little guy marching off to elementary school.  Now, kindergarten tomorrow college.  Yeah, I know it's jumping a few years, but to a mom who's trying to cover up her streaming tears, our thoughts run fast. 

And now, that I've had a cup of coffee (hot, yes HOT! So excited to actually have a fresh, hot cup with no interruptions) and I've wiped my mascara laden cheeks off, I'm good.  Really good.  It's on to the next chapter in my life.  Me. 

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