Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Explaining time travel to kids...

I let my kids watch Back to the Future for the first time today.  Has anyone explained time travel to a five year old successfully?  I think I may have damaged the poor child's mind permanently!  Now he is constantly asking these future vs. happening now events questions.  Such as:

"If I eat this pizza now, and then time travel back to yesterday right away will I be hungry mom?" 

Me:  "Did you do your homework?" 
Him:  "Mom, I time traveled to the future ahead three days, got my homework from my teacher, went back and did it. Now I'm farther ahead than anyone!"
Me: "Oh, good.  Did you get all the answers since you went into the future?"
Him:  "Mom, that's cheating!" 

Reminds of the wonderful book The Fermata.  Oh the possibilities!

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  1. My 7 year-old just asked if you needed a wormhole to travel through time.